Medical tourism

With J.L.A.M.A ” you are not alone!

In recent years more and more popular become a new kind of tourism to Israel – medical one, or else known as “medical tourism”. The highest level of Israeli medicine, the qualification of Israeli doctors, the latest developments in the various fields of medicine have made Israel the only place where the patient is given hope and a chance for a full recovery, whereas, in the country of residence such diagnoses are incurable.

The field of “medical tourism” is very diverse, and include services such as surgery, plastic surgery, dental surgery, cancer treatment, eye surgery and the implantation of orthopedic implants (knee and hip), cardiac surgery and the treatment of obesity, artificial insemination, and in recent years have been added - psychiatric care, pain management and alternative medicine.

“J.L. Abir Medical Assistance” glad to keep up with the times and give their customers a range of services in the field of “medical tourism”.

•Diagnosis and treatment referrals by best specialists

• Consultations by leading physicians in a particular area

• Arrival of the medical team for advice to the country of the patient

• Contact with experts in Israel by means of telecommunications

• In case of an emergency-evacuation teams arrival and transport the patient to the intensive care unit in Israel

• The medical team accompanying the patient in flight (in or out) of Israel

• Emergency Services Ground care

• Reservations turn on analyzes appointed by expert for the patient

• Rehabilitation after surgery

• Team support, speaking on the native language of the patient, to facilitate the stay of the patient and his relatives in the country

We are available and ready to provide our services at any time convenient to you. We will do our best to provide you with prompt, professional and competitive service that will give the patient the opportunity to solve the health problems with the best Israeli experts.

Be healthy!