Medical Escort

With J.L. Abir Ambulance THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT. Whether assisting clients home safely in times of medical necessity, transferring patients to medical facilities in other locales, or accompanying groups on flights where a medical provider is required, J.L. - Abir Ambulance has been providing its clients with worldwide personal and group medical escort service on commercial airlines for the past 17 years.

Services offered include:

  • Pre-travel medical assessment by our doctors to determine the most appropriate method of transport
  • Airline tickets for the patient, medical team member, and travel companion (where applicable)
  • Secure airline specific medical clearance and government documentation as necessary
  • Priority boarding and seating arrangements
  • Medical staffing and equipment on board as required
  • Well trained paramedics on land and in the air, to provide bedside to bedside care until the patient reaches his/her destination
  • Full medical assessment and monitoring throughout the entire transport
  • Patient specific ground transportation at origin and destination
  • Hospital discharge and re-admission at final destination
  • Physician escorts for groups traveling by air