You are traveling for business or pleasure, and there is an unfortunate accident or medical event. You and your loved ones or business associates deserve the best treatment, no matter what the circumstances, and Abir Ambulance understands.

It can happen anywhere in the world, and Abir Ambulance is there to lend a hand for ALL possible eventualities, 24 hours a day, including:

We pride ourselves on our expertise at dealing with the unexpected, 24/7 - no matter where you are or what the situation. We provide a wide range of Medical services, such as Medical Tourism, Medical Evacuation, Ground/Air Transportation with Medical Support Teams, New Medical devices and Technology world wide.

We are now Glad to inform about the Magnificent agreement have been signed between  Sichuan Government and J.L. Abir Medical Assistance Israel for Variety of Medical services  in Tel Aviv June 14

You can always reach our caring team 24/7 at +972-2-6222-111.