About Us

Family owned for over 47 years, Jacob Levi - Abir Ambulance & Medical Assistance Israel is Israel’s preeminent provider of :



Private medical transport, Medical assistance services, Medical travel solutions

Founded in 1969 by Jacob Levi, Abir Ambulance & Medical Assistance Israel was the first provider of private ambulance services in Israel.

Recognized for its fully equipped ambulances and professional staff, and relied upon by various governmental entities (including the Israeli Police and Ministry of Health)

and health providers, Abir Ambulance & Medical Assistance Israel has been Israel’s leader in the provision of private ambulance services for the past four decades.

In 1991, wanting to address the ever expanding and global needs of our clients, Abir Ambulance & Medical Assistance Israel
 broadened its portfolio of services,
 first with the provision of medical escort services to and from Israel, and later with 
 a full range of medical assistance services: Ground / air ambulance services,
 medical travel solutions Giving by  Experience Medical Teams.
deceased transportation services,
 Medical Tourism, Directing you to Highest Level of Specialist  Doctor & Professors  end Support you all the way!  

Today, Abir Ambulance & Medical Assistance Israel, working together with an established network of providers worldwide,
takes pride in providing its clients with a complete range of assistance services
whenever and wherever they may be.